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SEHUBABE only works with American Apparel t-shirts. Why? For quality reasons, because they have a really good shape and are made out of flexible and soft cotton. Another point is an ethical line of conduct that Sehubabe wants to respect: t-shirts made in dignity.

Philosophy of American Apparel:

More than an act of pure altruism
Besides our cutting edge principles of social responsibility, the quality of our clothes is our main driver. Our purpose is to ensure that each single person involved in our working process stands out from it with a positive experience.

A young company
American Apparel is an audacious organization steered by young people, without the support of institutional investors. Free of any political link, the company was able to free itself from established standards; we rejected both the corporatist right wing and the politically correct left wing in favour of a new way of seeing things.

Quality and style of exception
Instead of following temporary tendencies, we created a vast product line inspired by our customers, which constantly evolves. Our priorities are the quality and the shape of our clothes.

A distinctive business model
In contradiction to most of the industry, we refuse relocation. Internal production, where all manufacturing steps are gathered together under the same roof, actually is much more successful. Our employees take advantage of the highest salaries in this sector and actively participate to the company growth.

Being an example
American Apparel managed to be successful from point of view of capitalism as on that of social justice. The profitability of the company is proving the well performance of our business model and shows that this can be achieved by others all around the globe.

A sustainable choice
The ecological Line of American Apparel includes a version certified bio of our most popular models. Besides some bio cotton will be integrated soon into our basic production. Furthermore, our recycling program of textiles resizing allows to save a million tons of material every year.